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"I would recommend K9 University to anyone with or without problems. We are very pleased.  Thanks so much!"
                                        Evansville, Indiana

"Mommm n daD ar outcide so we haff ta b kwik. We llllllooooovvvvveeeee Bobbi Jo!!!!!!"
                                       Klevor and Shadow

"Bobbi Jo's enthusiasm made our training classes enjoyable not only for our dogs but us as well.  Her positive approach to helping us teach our dogs basic and advanced commands paid off.  We were also impressed with Bobbi Jo's abilities in working with the other dog owners on correcting specific behavioral problems they were experiencing.  She continues to assist us and we couldn't be happier!"
                                        Dennis and Carla

                                        Evansville, Indiana

"Bobbi Jo "trains" people even better than she trains K9s!!!!  Not only is Poco learning but I am too!  I am learning how to give commands and praise correctly.  Tri-State K9 University classes are a huge win-win opportunity for owners and dogs!  My only question is, may I have a treat (chocolate preferred) if I am a "good girl"????    


                                 Mount Vernon, Indiana

"Our Standard Poodle, Angel is a very different dog since taking classes with Bobbi Jo.  Last year, we waited for about 3 hours to get her picture taken,  she was well behaved the whole time and obeyed our every command during the picture taking process.  Now that we have Gabriel too, we didn't want to train under anyone else!"


                               Evansville, Indiana

With a multi-dog household, we have taken classes at Tri-State K9 University with both Bobbi Jo & Michelle. The dogs love going to "school"  & we have learned to be better parents to our "girls". Michelle & Bobbi Jo take the time to address special needs & concerns. At TSK9U they go the EXTRA MILE! They especially help my vision impaired Labrador Retriever to become more independent & give her confidence to lead her through her bright future.  We can't thank you ladies enough! 

                                       Molly Blu, Daisy & mom Karen

                                        Evansville, Indiana

P.S.  Our whole family AGREES, the Free Play time classes are THE BEST!! 

"I just wanted to say thank you to Bobbi Jo for the excellent advice and guidance on training Chubby.  I couldn't believe it but he went in his crate and laid down on his own tonight!  I am still working to try to place him in a forever home, but you have given me the tools to know that he will work out.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR ADVICE!  I will do whatever I can to refer Tri-State K9 University and hope to be there with another rescue someday!"   Thanks again!           

                                             Rich, Bulldog Rescue

                                       Evansville, Indiana

"I wanted to let you know that Candy was GREAT!   She came over to our home and worked with us and she did a great job.  I've already been able to tell the difference.  Thank you!"       


                                             Owensboro, Kentucky

"Chiggy is doing so well we were able to keep a stray kitten we found in August.  Hudson, of course, had no problems with the cat, but even Chiggy has learned not to chase, even allowing the cat to bat at her tail.  Unbelievable!  By using the distraction techniques you showed us, and letting her know we were in charge of her and the kitten and she didn't need to worry about it, we have a happy harmony of animals!  Thanks so much!  See you soon!"                  


                                                Evansville, Indiana

Hi Michelle -
"We are really enjoying the classes - and you do a great job - with the dogs, the parents and the kids!!  Thanks for working with our crazy schedule!"

                                                 Evansville, Indiana


I appreciate all you have done for my little Izzy, as well as for me.  Although my fuzz ball can get mighty hyper, I've learned to be our pack leader, and we both are now so much happier.  Have a very Merry Christmas and extend my greetings to my fellow classmates. 


                                               Evansville, Indiana

"Just wanted to let you know what Oliver is up to.  On Tuesdays he visits Pathways I and II, and on Thursdays he visits Newburgh Health Care.  He's loving all of the pets and hugs and lovin' from so many sweet ladies and gentlemen.   It's amazing how many smiles there are when he enters a room!  And they think he's just the smartest little dog ever.  I will soon be starting my classes (Deaconess Hospice) and after completing them, Oliver will be assigned families who have requested pet visits.  Wow ... what a wonderful path our lives have taken, my sweet Oliver and me.  Without your classes, Bobbi Jo, this wouldn't have been possible.  Thank you so much, and God bless."

                                                Evansville, Indiana

"Buddy, our big rescued pup, has come a long way in a few months.  With the help of Kris, we have learned to control him better, and our kids have been able to become more active with him.  He has also been socialized with dogs of all sizes, and he is a good playmate to dogs big and small.   Buddy still has a way to go, and we are excited about all of us taking more classes.  Thanks Kris."


                                          Newburgh, Indiana

"Kris was a wonderful instructor.  She patiently trained my 13 year old son.  My Am Bull Rascal learned several commands in Freshman K9 also and loved the socialization!"
                                              Newburgh, Indiana

We have a Great Dane and a Great Dane/Mastiff mix. They were out of control. They would bark, jump, even try to snap if they didn't like you. We were contemplating getting rid of them because we just couldn't handle their aggressiveness, and we have small children. We were scared they would get hurt. I called my vet and they recommended K9 University. We tried it as a last resort. I can't believe it, but it really worked!!! Bobbi Jo came to our house and taught us to take back control of our house. It is amazing. Our dogs are different dogs and very well behaved. Today I took them both for a walk at the same time, and I have never been able to do that before. In fact I couldn't walk either of them because it was such a fight. I would and will recommend K9 University to anyone who is having problems with their dog. It's amazing to know that you are in control!


                                            Owensboro, KY

We love Tri-State K9 University.  I am currently owner-training a service dog and Tri-State K9 University's training classes have helped so much.  Not only did they help me with obedience, but also with establishing pack order, and lots of the things they teach transfer over to commands for service dogs.  There is nowhere else in the tri-state area that offers all that in one location.  And, they aren't just trainers, they are like family.  Thanks Bobbi Jo and Angela.


Tammy & Service Dog in Training "Summer"

Bobby Joe and Denea are wonderful!!! I started bandit in freshman class and we are now starting Junior classes and hes come a very long way. Then, he wouldn't focus on me, and a pit-bull terrier...very very strong and strong willed, now i can walk down the street with him by myself and always focused on me. They have showed me a way to train a dog for everyday use whether in public or at home. Theres no perfect dog, but there's good manners and were on out way at accomplishing that goal. Hopefully soon, we get to visit hospitals!!! Bandit never gets bored and loves coming to class! thanks ladies, you're awesome!
                                                  Lots of Love
                                                  Crystal & Bandit

My family and I had a really tough week before hearing about Bobbi Jo. We had finally made the decision that we were going to find new homes for our two Standard Poodles. They were out of control, ruled our lives and had terrible aggression towards each other. After many tearful phone calls, I was referred to Bobbi Jo - the Indiana version of the dog whisperer. WOW WOW WOW!!! She gave us our lives back in just three short hours. She knew it was a time sensitive situation & that we have two small children in the mix of our crazy / aggressive poodles. She was at our house a few days after our call. I'm not sure who learned more - the dogs our our family. There are no more back yard knock down dog fights, I can open the front door with out fear of loosing a dog, and best of all, I can have company with out banishing the dogs to the bedroom! Bobbi Jo & Kelli, you are wonderful. Thank you for making me love my dogs again!!!!


                                                        Newburgh, IN



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